Yannick TAURAN

Yannick TAURAN


Team MBD
E-mail yannick.tauran[at]univ-lyon1.fr
Phone 04 72 43 28 84
Building Chevreul
Floor 2
Office 12.002a


  • Nanotechnology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry

Technical expertise :

  • Chemical and Biological synthesis of nanoparticules ;
  • Cell culture, Biochemical analysis (ELISA, Western Blot, RT qPCR, FACS, SPR) ;
  • Over-expression and purification of recommbinant proteins ;
  • Multi-omic analysis (metabolomic, proteomic, transcriptomic) ;
  • Confocal and Electronic (SEM, TEM) Microscopy ;
  • Mechanical measurement of bio-polymer at the nanometer scale by using MEMS based devices (Silicon Nano Tweezers).
Figure 1 : STEM images and EDX elemental map (in yellow: Fe, in green: P) of one magnetotactic bacteria (A), and a magnetic nanopaticles chain synthesized within the cell (B). Collaboration with Dr. C. Cottin-Bizonne ILM / Pr. A. Brioude LMI - Université Lyon 1
Figure 2 : Hepatic cell cultivated on bio-active nano-filaments observed on Scanning Electronic (A) and Confocal (B) Microscopes. Collaboration with Pr. Y. Sakai - LIMMS - The University of Tokyo / Dr. V. Salles LMI - Université Lyon 1
Figure 3 : Colorised SEM image of micro-actuated Nano tweezers measuring the change of mechanical properties of a DNA bundle (in green) in contact with salts (in white). Collaboration with Pr. H. Fujita - LIMMS - The University of Tokyo / Dr. A.W. Coleman - Université Lyon 1