1 About the class

1.1 Objectives of the class

The goal of this class is that at the end, the students are able to:

  • Treat their data with the free and open source language R, i.e.:
    • Read, browse, manipulate and plot their data
    • Model or simulate their data
  • Make automatic reporting through Rmarkdown and/or Jupyter notebooks
  • Build a graphical interface with Shiny to interact with their data and output something (a value, a pdf report, a graph…)

While this course is mainly oriented to work with the type of data you might encounter in Materials Science, what you will learn here will be useful in any scientific domain.

1.2 Prerequisites

  • Coding skills: none expected
  • The students should come with a laptop with admin rights (i.e. you should be able to install stuff)

1.3 Teaser

You want to be able to produce interactive plots like these in an automatic experimental report?