Joint industrial project LMI-SEB : ASCI

For the past ten years, the Laboratory of Multimaterials and Interfaces has been working with Groupe SEB’s research teams to offer innovative solutions for its applications. The two partners have formalized and strengthened this collaboration by creating the ASCI (Academic Standard for Cookware Industry) joint laboratory.

The principle is based on a common creation of value for each of the entities involved, namely the development of innovations resulting from the exchange between industrial know-how and academic knowledge, as well as the creation of potentially valuable knowledge. This laboratory brings together the research teams of the LMI and the Groupe SEB and responds to the problems and challenges of small domestic equipment.

Quoting Bénédicte SIMOND, Director of Research at Groupe SEB:

“The ASCI Joint Laboratory will be an accelerator of Groupe SEB’s innovation. By combining academic knowledge and industrial skills and know-how as closely as possible, the Laboratory will have to develop product applications that will enhance the work of researchers while helping to strengthen Groupe SEB’s leadership in its field.

Quoting the Director of the LMI, Arnaud BRIOUDE:

“The common laboratory is for us an opportunity to conduct research from fundamental studies to the product, taking into account industrial constraints”

Team members

Nom Statut Tél.
ACHER Loren IR-EZUS 04 28 27 10 54
PONTILLE Laurie IE-EZUS 04 28 27 10 54
VUILLET-A-CILES Victor IR-EZUS 04 28 27 10 54