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Thermal Analysis

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PLAT - Platform of Thermal Analysis

PLAT - Plateforme Lyonnaise d’Analyse Thermique

The LMI laboratory has the entire responsibility of the platform’s equipment, its functioning and its technic and scientific orientations. The platform regroups a very complete assembly of instruments in calorimetric, thermogravimetric, thermo-mechanic and thermo-microscopic analyses, but also couplings of thermogravimetry with gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. Very few platforms and similar competences exist at national level.
The platform has an autonomic functioning (except the personnel’s salaries), also assuring the maintenance, replacement and the extension of its instrumental park. It also has an open functioning, either by participating in research projects with the other teams of LMI or with research and industrial laboratories from France, and either in provision of service for academics or industrials.
Head of the platform : Dr. Ing. CNRS Rodica CHIRIAC
A second engineer works at the platform : François TOCHE

-  Functioning  : provision of service / collaboration contracts or projects / research activities ( industrial & academic partners )

- Thermal Analysis training and courses Formation Continue Analyse Thermique

- Equipment :

- Application fields :

  • Energy (hydrogen storage, biodiesel, lignocellulosic biomass…)
  • Environment (CO2 capture, VOC emission, ...)
  • Geology/Planetology
  • Polymers
  • Petroleum industry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Metallurgy
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals

-  Few examples of studies or determinations  :

  • Study of the thermal behavior of different materials :
    • Thermal degradation with identification of gases ;
    • Glass transition ;
    • Temperatures and enthalpies of melting or crystallisation ;
    • Cristallinity ;
    • Heat capacity ;
    • Heat of reaction, heat of dissolution, heat of adsorption, etc ;
    • Polymorphism ; etc...
  • Hydrogen storage by thermolysis of boranes and borohydrides (TGA, DSC, TGA/µGC-MS)
  • Thermal decomposition of nanocomposites or nanostructured materials by TGA et TGA coupled µGC-MS (or GC-MS)
  • Screening of minerals for CO2 capture (TGA, TGA coupled µGC-MS, C80)
  • Thermal behaviour of gasoils, fuels, biodiesels, lubricants (DSC, TGA, TGA/GC-MS)
  • Oxydation stability of lubricants (oxydation onset temperature -OOT, Induction time -OIT) (Pressure-DSC)
  • Thermal cycling of nanocomposite coatings (TGA)
  • Thermal (or linear) expansion coefficient (TMA)

Contacts : Dr Eng Rodica CHIRIAC (IE CNRS), François TOCHE (IE Université Lyon 1)

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