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Publications 2017

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1. B. Abeykoon, J.M. Grenèche, E. Jeanneau, D. Chernyshov, C. Goutaudier, A. Demessence, T. Devis, A. Fateeva "Tuning the iron redox state inside a microporous porphyrinic metal organic framework" Dalton Transactions, 2017, DOI : 10.1039/C6DT04208B.

2. Gwenaël Bonfante, Stéphanie Chevalliot, B. Toury, Bruno Berge and Mathieu Maillard "Two liquids wetting properties as a surface polarity probe for hydrophobic coatings" Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2017, 19, 3214 - 3218, DOI : 10.1039/C6CP07392A link

3. M. Chubarov, F. Mercier, S. Lay, F. Charlot, A. Crisci, S. Coindeau, T. Encinas, G. Ferro, R. Reboud, R. Boichot, "Growth of aluminum nitride on flat and patterned Si (111) by high temperature halide CVD", Thin Solid Films 623 (2017) 65-71

4. Roger, J., Gardiola, B., Andrieux, J., Viala, J.C., Dezellus, O. "Synthesis of Ti matrix composites reinforced with TiC particles : thermodynamic equilibrium and change in microstructure", Journal of Materials Science, 2017, 52(7), 4129-4141, DOI : 10.1007/s10853-016-0677-y

5. S. Sejil, M. Lazar, D. Carole, C. Brylinski, D. Planson, G. Ferro, C. Raynaud, "Further optimization of VLS localized epitaxy for deeper 4H-SiC p–n junctions", Phys. Status Solidi A, 1600454 (2017) / DOI 10.1002/pssa.201600454

6. A. Jaud, L. Auvray, A. Kahouli, T. Abi-Tannous, F. Cauwet, G. Ferro, C. Brylinski, "Highly Mg-doped GaN dots and films grown by VLS transport at low temperature." Phys. Stat. Solidi (a) (2016) 1-8 DOI 10.1002/pssa.201600428.

7. Nicolas Muller, Jakub Haberko, Catherine Marichy, Frank Scheffold, “Photonic hyperuniform networks obtained by silicon double inversion of polymer templates”, Optica (2017) 4, (3), 361-366.

8. Catherine Marichy, Vincent Salles, Xavier Jaurand, Aurélien Etiemble, Thierry Douillard, Jonathan Faugier Tovar, François Cauwet, Arnaud Brioude, “Fabrication of BN membranes containing high density of cylindrical pores using a new elegant approach”, RSC Advances (2017) 7, 20709 - 20715.

9. S. Ould-Amara, D. Granier, R. Chiriac, F. Toche, P. G. Yot, U. B. Demirci “Lithium Hydrazinidoborane Ammoniate LiN2H3BH3·0.25NH3, a Derivative of Hydrazine Borane”, Materials (2017) 10, 750 ; doi:10.3390/ma10070750

10. Hao, W., Marichy, C., Journet, C. and Brioude, A. (2017), A Novel Two-Step Ammonia-Free Atomic Layer Deposition Approach for Boron Nitride. ChemNanoMat. doi:10.1002/cnma.201700148

11. Schmit, F. ; Bois, L. ; Chiriac, R. ; Toche F. ; Chassagneux F. ; Descorme F. ; Besson M. ; Khrouz L. Porous microspheres of manganese-cerium mixed oxides by a polyvinylpyrrolidone assisted solvothermal method. J. of Phys. and Chem. Sol., 2017, 103, 22.

12. Attik, Nina ; Hallay, Franck ; Bois, Laurence ; Brigitte Grosgogeat Brigitte, Colon Pierre Mesoporous silica fillers and resin composition effect on dental composites cytocompatibility Dental Chemistry 2017, 33, 166

13. Marichy, C. ; Salles, V. ; Jaurand, X. ; et al. Fabrication of BN membranes containing high density of cylindrical pores using an elegant approach RSC Advances 2017, 7, 20709.

14. Leroy, Adrien ; Ribeiro, Sofia ; Grossiord, Carole ; et al. FTIR microscopy contribution for comprehension of degradation mechanisms in PLA-based implantable medical devices J. of Mater. Sci.-mater. in Medecine, 2017, 28, 87

15. Andrzej Rybak, Karolina Gaska, Czeslaw Kapusta, François Toche and Vincent Salles, Epoxy composites with ceramic core–shell fillers for thermal management in electrical devices Polym. Adv. Technol. (2017)

16. Nelly Couzon, Mathieu Maillard, Laurence Bois, Fernand Chassagneux, and Arnaud Brioude, Electrochemical Observation of the Plasmonic Effect in Photochromic Ag Nanoparticle Filled Mesoporous TiO2 Films J. Phys. Chem. C, 2017, 121, 22147−22155 DOI : 10.1021/acs.jpcc.7b07155

17. G. Bonfante, T. Roux-marchand, M.-C. Audry-Deschamps, P. Kleimann, L. Renaud, A. Brioude and M. Maillard, Polarization mechanisms of dielectric materials at a binary liquid interface : impact on electrowetting actuation. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2017,19, 30139-30146 DOI 10.1039/C7CP06052A

18. M. Zouari, L. Bois ; V. Dugas ; S. Hbaieb ; Y. Chevalier ; R. Kalfat ; C. Demesmay, Monolith passive adsorbers made of hydrophobic porous silica rods coated with hydrogel Analytical Letters, 51, 6 (2017) 935-954