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Stage M2R MATERIAUX : Experimental study of phase equilibria in the B-rich corner of the Al-B-C ternary system : application to the synthesis of Al-B4C composites

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Compétences souhaitées :
The experimental study that we propose during the training period consist in the synthesis of sample by different techniques such as powder compacts or arc melting. Next these samples will be heat treated at varying temperature (between 1000 and 1800°C). After rapid cooling the nature of the phases (crystallographic structure – XRD, Raman spectroscopy), as well as their composition (EDX, chemical analysis) will be characterized. Thermal analysis would also be performed up to 2400°C due to a new DTA apparatus. The valuation of the experimental work will be considered by the production of a thermodynamic database optimized using the CALPHAD method with dedicated software (Thermocalc® or Pandat®).
The candidate must have a strong interest in experimental work.

Contacts :
O. DEZELLUS, Assistant Professor – Docent, UCB Lyon 1, Tel. +3372448386,

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