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Publications 2016

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1. Yuan, S., Linas, S., Journet, C., Steyer, P., Garnier, V., Bonnefont, G., Brioude, A., Toury, B., Pure & crystallized 2D Boron Nitride sheets synthesized via a novel process coupling both PDCs and SPS methods. Scientific Reports 6, (2016).

2. Teyssier, A., Schmitt, J.-M., Chiriac, R., Goutaudier, C., Contribution to the quaternary system H2O-Al3+, Ca2+//O2-, SO42-  : Solid-liquid equilibria in the ternary systems Al-2(SO4)(3)-CaSO4-H2O and Al2O3-SO3-H2O at 25 degrees C. Fluid Phase Equilibria 409, 388–398 (2016).

3. Mokbel, I., Lindemann, C., Duchet-Suchaux, P. & Jose, J. Liquid-liquid equilibria of binary and ternary systems involving monoethyleneglycol, water, n-alkanes at three temperatures : 283.15, 303.15 and 333.15 K. Fuel 163, 17–24 (2016).

4. Marichy, C., Ercolano, G., Caputo, G., Willinger, M.G., Jones, D., Roziere, J., Pinna, N., Cavaliere, S., ALD SnO2 protective decoration enhances the durability of a Pt based electrocatalyst. J. Mater. Chem. A 4, 969–975 (2016).

5. Guegan, F. et al. Towards the first theoretical scale of the trans effect in octahedral complexes. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18, 982–990 (2016).

6. Ciccione, J., Leconte, N., Luneau, D., Philouze, C. & Thomas, F. Geometric and Electronic Structures of Nickel(II) Complexes of Redox Noninnocent Tetradentate Phenylenediamine Ligands. Inorganic Chemistry 55, 649–665 (2016).

7. Bolle, C., Gustin, M.P., Fau, D., Boivin, G., Exbrayat, P., Grosgogeat, B., Soft Tissue and Marginal Bone Adaptation on Platform-Switched Implants with a Morse Cone Connection : A Histomorphometric Study in Dogs. International Journal of Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry 36, 221–228 (2016).

8. Marichy, C., Muller, M., Froufe-Pérez, L. S., Scheffold, F. High-quality photonic crystals with a nearly complete band gap obtained by direct inversion of woodpile templates with titanium dioxide. Scientific Reports 6:21818, (2016).

9. Lavenn, C., Guillou, N., Monge, M., Podbevšek, D., Ledoux, G., Fateeva, A., Demessence, A. Shedding light on an ultra-bright photoluminescent lamellar gold thiolate coordination polymer [Au(p-SPhCO2Me)]n. Chemical Communications, Advance Article DOI : 10.1039/C5CC10448C.

10. Hamila, R., Saidi, F., Rodriguez, P., Auvray, L., Maaref, H. Structural and optical study of BInGaAs/GaAs quantum wells grown by MOVPE emitting above 1,1 eV. Microelectronics Engineering 149, 5-8 (2016).

11. Zhang., J. L., Ishiwata, H., Babinec, T. M., Radulaski, M., Müller, K., Lagoudakis, K. G., Dory, C., Dahl, J., Edgington, R., Souliere, V., Ferro, G., Fokin, A. A., Schreiner, P. R., Shen, Z.-X., Melosh, N. A., Vuckovic, J. Hybrid Group IV Nanophotonic Structures Incorporating Diamond Silicon-Vacancy Color Centers, Nano Lett. 16, 212−217, (2016).

12. Benaglia, A., Lucchini, M., Pauwels, K., Tully, C., Medvedeva, T., Heering, A., Dujardin, C., Kononets V., Lebbou, K., Aubry, N., Faraj, S., Ferro, G., Lecoq, P., Auffray, E., Test beam results of a high granularity LuAG fibre calorimeter prototype, JINST 11, P05004 (2016)

13. Abi-Tannous, T., Soueidan, M., G. Ferro, Lazar, M., Raynaud, C., Toury, B., Beaufort, M.F., Barbot, J.F., Dezellus, O., Planson, D., A Study on the Temperature of Ohmic Contact to p-Type SiC Based on Ti3SiC2 Phase, IEEE Trans. Electron Dev. 63(6), 2462-2468 (2016)

14. Hidouri, T., Saidi, F., Maaref, H., Rodriguez, Ph., Auvray L., Localized state exciton model investigation of B-content effect on optical properties of BGaAs/GaAs epilayers grown by MOCVD, Vacuum 132, 10-15(2016)

15. Severin, I., Lionti, K., Dahbi, L., Loriot, C., Toury, B., Chagnon, M.C., In vitro toxicity assessment of extracts derived from sol-gel coatings on polycarbonate intended to be used in food contact applications, Food And Chemical Toxicology 93, 51-57 (2016)

16. Yuan, S. ; Journet, C., Linas, S., Garnier, V., Steyer, P., Benayoun, S., Brioude, A., Toury, B., How to Increase the h-BN Crystallinity of Microfilms and Self-Standing Nanosheets : A Review of the Different Strategies Using the PDCs Route, Crystals 6(5) 10.3390/cryst6050055 (2016)

17. Ridier, K., Gillon, B., Gukasov, A., Chaboussant, G., Cousson, A., Luneau, D., Borta, A., Jacquot, J.F., Checa, R., Chiba, Y., Sakiyama, H., Mikuriya, M., Polarized Neutron Diffraction as a Tool for Mapping Molecular Magnetic Anisotropy : Local Susceptibility Tensors in Co-II Complexes, Chemistry-A European Journal 22 (2) 724-735 (2016)

18. Kamath, A., Mishra, D.K., Brahman, D., Pilet, G., Sinha, B., Tamang, A., Poly[diaquo(1,10-phenanthroline-kappa N-2(1):N-10)(mu(2)-sulphato-kappa O-2:O ’) copper(II)] : hydrothermal synthesis, crystal structure and magnetic properties, RSC Advances 6 (51) 46030-46036 (2016)

19. Blackmur, M.S., Preuss, M., Robson, J.D., Zanellato, O., Cernik, R.J., Ribeiro, F., Andrieux, J., Strain evolution during hydride precipitation in Zircaloy-4 observed with synchrotron X-ray diffraction, J. Nuclear Mater. 474, 45-61 (2016)

20. Scheuerlein, C. Andrieux, J. Rikel, M.O., Kadar, J., Doerrer, C., Di Michiel, M., Ballarino, A., Bottura, L., Jiang, J., Kametani, F., Hellstrom, E.E., Larbalestier, D.C., Influence of the Oxygen Partial Pressure on the Phase Evolution During Bi-2212 Wire Melt Processing, IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 26 (3) article n° 6400304 (2016)

21. Pastre, A., Cristini-Robbe, O., Bois, L., Chassagneux, F., Branzea, D., Boe, A., Kinowski, C., Raulin, K., Rolland, N., Bernard, R., Zirconia coating for enhanced thermal stability of gold nanoparticles, Mater. Res. Express 3 (1) Article N° 015002 (2016)

22. Tarhan, M.C., Lafitte, N., Tauran, Y., Jalabert, L., Kumemura, M., Perret, G., Kim, B., Coleman, A.W., Fujita, H., Collard, D., A rapid and practical technique for real-time monitoring of biomolecular interactions using mechanical responses of macromolecules, Scientific Reports 6 Article N° 28001 (2016)

23. Salmon-Gandonniere, C., Gritsch, K., Dequin, P.F., Guillon, A., Ingested dental prosthesis causing significant gastrointestinal bleeding, Anaesthesia & Intensive Care 44 (2) 296-297 (2016)

24. Le Roy, D., Dhungana, D., Ourry, L., Faivre, M., Ferrigno, R., Tamion, A., Dupuis, V., Salles, V., Deman, A.L., Anisotropic ferromagnetic polymer : A first step for their implementation in microfluidic systems, AIP Advances 6 (5) Article N° 056604 (2016)

24. Salles, V., Bernard, S., A Review on the Preparation of Borazine-derived Boron Nitride Nanoparticles and Nanopolyhedrons by Spray-pyrolysis and Annealing Process, Nanomaterials & Nanotechnology 6 (1) Article N° 1 (2016)

25. Montes-Hernandez, G., Chiriac, R., Findling, N., Toche, F., Renard, F., Synthesis of ceria (CeO2 and CeO2-X) nanoparticles via decarbonation and Ce(III) oxydation of synthetic bastnasite (CeCO3F), Mater. Chem. & Phys. 172 202-210 (2016)

26. Lafay, R., Montes-Hernandez, G., Janots, E., Munoz, M., Auzende, A.L., Gehin, A., Chiriac, R., Proux, O., Experimental investigation of As, Sb and Cs behavior during olivine serpentinization in hydrothermal alkaline systems, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 179, 177-202 (2016)

27 Bernard, C., Villat, C., Abouelleil, H., Gustin, M.P., Grosgogeat, B., Tensile Bond Strengths of Two Adhesives on Irradiated and Nonirradiated Human Dentin, Biomed Res. International Article N° 798972 (2016)

28. Bouzina, Z., Dergal, F., Mokbel, I., Negadi, A., Saab, J., Jose, J., Negadi, L., Liquid-vapor equilibria of pure and aqueous solutions of diethylenetriamine or dipropylenetriamine, Fluid Phase Equilibria 414, 164-169 (2016)

29. Lavenn, C., Guillou, N., Monge M., Podbevšek D., Ledoux G., Fateeva A., Demessence A., Shedding light on an ultra-bright photoluminescent lamellar gold thiolate coordination polymer [Au(p-SPhCO2Me)]n, Chem. Commun. 52, 9063-9066 (2016)

30. F. Schmit, L. Bois, R. Chiriac, F. Toche, F. Chassagneux, M. Besson, C. Descorme L. Khrouz, Synthesis of mesoporous titanium oxide supported manganese oxide catalysts : Influence of the block copolymer J. Solid.State. Chem. 221, 2015, 291-301. pdf

31. F. Schmit, L. Bois, R. Chiriac, F. Toche, F. Chassagneux, C. Descorme, M. Besson, L. Khrouz Porous microspheres of manganese-cerium mixed oxides by a polyvinylpyrrolidone assisted solvothermal method. J. Phys. Chem Sol. 2016. accepted pdf

32. N. Attik, F. Hallay, L. Bois, A. Brioude, B. Grosgogeat, Cytocompatibility evaluation of dental composites : effect of mesoporous silica fillers and resin composition.P. Colon. Dental Mat. 2016. accepted

33. B. Bessaire, M. Maillard, V. Salles, T. Yeghoyan, C. Celle, J-P. Simonato, and A. Brioude, Synthesis of continuous conductive PEDOT:PSS nanofibers by electrospinning : a conformal coating for optoelectronics ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. 2016. accepted link

34. H. Ishak, J. Stephan, R. Karam, C. Goutaudier, I. Mokbel, J. Saab, Aqueous solubility, vapor pressure and octanol-water partition coefficient of two phthalate isomers dibutyl phthalate and di-isobutyl phthalate contaminants of recycled food packages. Fluid Phase Equilibria 2016, 427, 362-370.

35. B. El Goundali, A. Teyssier, M. Kaddami, J.J. Counioux, C. Goutaudier, Linear behaviour in isothermal equilibria involving saturated electrolyte solutions : The H2O-Co(NO3)2-Ni(NO3)2 ternary system at low temperature. Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics 2016, 101, 343-350.

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