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[24] The Talisman Of Charlemagne: New Historical And Gemological Discoveries.
G. Panczer, G. Riondet, L. Forest, M. Krzemnicki, D. Carole, F. Faure
Gems & Gemology 55 (2019)

[23] How to Grow Fully (100) Oriented SiC/Si/SiC/Si Multi-Stack
T. Yeghoyan, K. Alassaad, V. Soulière, G. Ferro, M. Gutierrez, D. Araujo
Physica Status Solidi (A), 1800588 (2019)

[22] Cellular and collagen reference values of gingival and periodontal ligament tissues in rats: a pilot study
A. Alves, N. Attik, C. Wirth, Y. Bayon, A. Piat, B. Grosgogeat, K. Gritsch
Histochemistry And Cell Biology, 1-9 (2019)

[21] Analysis of temporomandibular joint prosthesis using finite element method and a patient specific design
A. Omidi, C. Jeannin, M. Nazari, M. Panahi
Engineering Solid Mechanics 7, 83-92 (2019)

[20] Sol–gel bioglasses in dental and periodontal regeneration: a systematic review
V. Farano, J. Maurin, N. Attik, P. Jackson, B. Grosgogeat, K. Gritsch
Journal Of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials 107, 1210-1227 (2019)

[19] Hexanuclear and Heptanuclear Nickel(II) Complexes of with a Non-Schiff-Base Tetradentate Ligand: an Example of Slow Motion Ferromagnetic Phase Transition at Very Low Temperature
M. Mikuriya, S. Yano, D. Yoshioka, C. Paulsen, E. Lhotel, W. Wernsdorfer, D. Luneau
Journal Of Superconductivity And Novel Magnetism (2019)

[18] Thermal control of the defunctionalization of supported Au 25 (glutathione) 18 catalysts for benzyl alcohol oxidation
Z. Shahin, H. Ji, R. Chiriac, N. Essayem, F. Rataboul, A. Demessence
Beilstein Journal Of Nanotechnology 10, 228-237 (2019)

[17] Liquid cell with temperature control for in situ TEM chemical studies
M. Denoual, V. Menon, T. Sato, O. De Sagazan, A. W. Coleman, H. Fujita
Measurement Science And Technology 30, 017001 (2019)

[16] Development and Comparison of Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Gold Substrates for In Situ Characterization of ‘Model’ Analytes in Organic and Aqueous Media
E. Akanny, A. Bonhommé, L. Bois, S. Minot, S. Bourgeois, C. Bordes, F. Bessueille
Chemistry Africa 2, 1-12 (2019)

[15] Marginal and internal fit of CAD-CAM inlay/onlay restorations: A systematic review of in vitro studies
A. Goujat, H. Abouelleil, P. Colon, C. Jeannin, N. Pradelle, D. Seux, B. Grosgogeat
Journal Of Prosthetic Dentistry 121, 590+ (2019)

[14] Experimental measurements and thermodynamic modelling of aqueous solubilities, octanol-water partition coefficients and vapor pressures of dimethyl phthalate and butyl benzyl phthalate
H. Ishak, I. Mokbel, J. Saab, J. Stephan, P. Paricaud, J. Jose, C. Goutaudier
Journal Of Chemical Thermodynamics 131, 286-293 (2019)

[13] Tuning Solid-State Calix[n]arene Supramolecular Assemblies Using Phenanthroline as the Guest Molecule Published as part of the Crystal Growth and Design Israel Goldberg Memorial virtual special issue
B. Lesniewska, A. W. Coleman, F. Perret, K. Suwinska
Crystal Growth & Design 19, 1695-1708 (2019)

[12] Coordination polymers of zinc(II) and manganese(II) made by complexation of calix[4]arene functionalized with carboxylates afford alveolar materials
M. Boutar, C. Desroches, N. Mattoussi, M. Habib Noamane, L. Bois, I. Gautier-Luneau, R. Abidi, D. Luneau
Inorganica Chimica Acta 486, 562-567 (2019)

[11] Photoelectrochemical Behavior of Silver Nanoparticles inside Mesoporous Titania: Plasmon-Induced Charge Separation Effect
N. Couzon, M. Maillard, F. Chassagneux, A. Brioude, L. Bois
Langmuir 35, 2517-2526 (2019)

[10] Experimental Measurements and Modeling Study of Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium [(Water plus Methyl Oleate plus Model Molecules of Tar Issued from the Biomass Gasification Process (Benzene, Toluene, Phenol, Thiophene, and Pyridine)]
G. Bassil, J. Saab, I. Mokbel, L. Negadi, J. Jose, C. Goutaudier
Journal Of Chemical And Engineering Data 64, 497-506 (2019)

[9] Understanding Al incorporation into 4H-SiC during epitaxy
G. Ferro, D. Chaussende, N. Tsavdaris
Journal Of Crystal Growth 507, 338-343 (2019)

[8] Advanced synthesis of highly crystallized hexagonal boron nitride by coupling polymer-derived ceramics and spark plasma sintering processes-influence of the crystallization promoter and sintering temperature
Y. Li, V. Garnier, C. Journet, J. Barjon, A. Loiseau, I. Stenger, A. Plaud, B. Toury, P. Steyer
Nanotechnology 30 (2019)

[7] Photogeneration of Manganese(III) from Luminescent Manganese(II) Complexes with Thiacalixarene Ligands: Synthesis, Structures and Photophysical Properties
N. Otoole, C. Lecourt, Y. Suffren, A. Hauser, L. Khrouz, E. Jeanneau, A. Brioude, D. Luneau, C. Desroches
European Journal Of Inorganic Chemistry, 73-78 (2019)

[6] Supramolecular assemblies of phenolic metalloporphyrins: Structures and electrochemical studies
G. Co Quan, M. Denis, B. Abeykoon, J. Tommasino, E. Jeanneau, C. Journet, T. Devic, A. Fateeva
Journal Of Porphyrins And Phthalocyanines 23, 103-116 (2019)

[5] Vapour-liquid equilibria, enthalpy of vaporisation, and excess Gibbs energies of binary mixtures of 3,3-diamino-N-methyldipropylamine (DNM) ( or N,N,N ‘,N “,N “-pentamethyldiethylenetriamine (PMDETA)) plus water
Z. Bouzina, M. Ridha Mahi, I. Mokbel, A. Negadi, C. Goutaudier, J. Jose, L. Negadi
Journal Of Chemical Thermodynamics 128, 251-258 (2019)

[4] Synthesis, crystallographic structure and thermodynamic properties of T2-Al2MgC2
G. Deffrennes, B. Gardiola, E. Jeanneau, G. Mikaelian, P. Benigni, A. Pasturel, A. Pisch, J. Andrieux, O. Dezellus
Journal Of Solid State Chemistry 273, 150-157 (2019)

[3] Size and Flexibility Define the Inhibition of the H3N2 Influenza Endonuclease Enzyme by Calix[n]arenes
Y. Tauran, J. Pedro Cerón-Carrasco, M. Rhimi, F. Perret, B. Kim, D. Collard, A. W. Coleman, H. Pérez-Sánchez
Antibiotics 8, 73 (2019)

[2] Direct measurement of the mechanical properties of a chromatin analog and the epigenetic effects of para-sulphonato-calix[4]arene
Y. Tauran, M. Kumemura, M. C. Tarhan, G. Perret, F. Perret, L. Jalabert, D. Collard, H. Fujita, A. W. Coleman
Scientific Reports 9 (2019)

[1] Profiling of derived-hepatocyte progenitors from induced pluripotent stem cells using nanoCAGE promoter analysis
M. Lereau Bernier, S. Poulain, Y. Tauran, M. Danoy, M. Shinohara, K. Kimura, B. David Segard, S. Kato, T. Kido, A. Miyajima, Y. Sakai, C. Plessy Andmé. Leclerc
Biochemical Engineering Journal 142, 7-17 (2019)


[41] Atomic layer deposition of stable 2D materials
W. Hao, C. Marichy, C. Journet
2d Materials 6, 012001 (2018)

[40] New Lamellar Silver Thiolate Coordination Polymers with Tunable Photoluminescence Energies by Metal Substitution
O. Veselska, C. Dessal, S. Melizi, N. Guillou, D. Podbevsnanaek, G. Ledoux, E. Elkaim, A. Fateeva, A. Demessenc
Inorganic Chemistry 58, 99-105 (2018)

[39] Isothermal Vapor–Liquid Equilibria and Excess Gibbs Energies for Binary Mixtures of Cyclic Ethers with 1, 2-Dichloroethane
F. Amireche, F. Brahim Belaribi, I. Mokbel, J. Jose
Journal Of Chemical & Engineering Data 63, 1568-1577 (2018)

[38] Non-Aqueous Atomic Layer Deposition of SnO2 for Gas Sensing Application
C. Marichy, R. Manuel Silva, N. Pinna, M. Willinger, N. Donato, G. Neri
Ecs Transactions 86, 55-65 (2018)

[37] Adverse effects of eating disorders on the oral health of teenagers
P. Colon, N. Cougot, C. Famery
Journal Of Dentofacial Anomalies And Orthodontics 21, 105 (2018)

[36] Bioactivity evaluation of collagen-based scaffolds containing a series of Sr-doped melt-quench derived phosphate-based glasses
V. Farano, M. Cresswell, K. Gritsch, P. Jackson, N. Attik, B. Grosgogeat, J. Maurin
Journal Of Materials Science: Materials In Medicine 29, 101 (2018)

[35] A Crystallographic Study of a Novel Tetrazolyl-Substituted Nitronyl Nitroxide Radical
V. Romanov, I. Bagryanskaya, D. Gorbunov, N. Gritsan, E. Zaytseva, D. Luneau, E. Tretyakov
Crystals 8, 334 (2018)

[34] Mechanical properties and internal fit of 4 CAD-CAM block materials
A. Goujat, H. Abouelleil, P. Colon, C. Jeannin, N. Pradelle, D. Seux, B. Grosgogeat
The Journal Of Prosthetic Dentistry 119, 384-389 (2018)

[33] Teaching an old molecule new tricks Evidence and rationalisation of the slow magnetisation dynamics in [DyTp2Acac]
F. Guégan, F. Riomé, O. Maury, J. Jung, B. Le Guennic, C. Morell, D. Luneau
Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers 5, 1346-1353 (2018)

[32] Monolith Passive Adsorbers Prepared with Hydrophobic Porous Silica Rods Coated with Hydrogel
M. Zouari, L. Bois, V. Dugas, S. Hbaieb, Y. Chevalier, R. Kalfat, C. Demesmay
Analytical Letters (2018)

[31] NO Releasing and Anticancer Properties of Octahedral Ruthenium–Nitrosyl Complexes with Equatorial 1 H -Indazole Ligands
E. Orlowska, M. Babak, O. Dömötör, E. Enyedy, P. Rapta, M. Zalibera, L. Bučinsky, M. Malček, C. Govind, V. Karunakaran, Y. Chouthury Shaik Ang, T. Mcdonnell, D. Luneau, D. Schaniel, W. Han Ang, V. Arion
Inorganic Chemistry 57, 10702 - 10717 (2018)

[30] Development of Biphasic Formulations for Use in Electrowetting-Based Liquid Lenses with a High Refractive Index Difference
M. Mathieu, M. Ober, D. Dermody, M. Maillard, F. Amiot, G. Malet, B. Burger, C. Woelfle-Gupta, B. Berge
Acs Combinatorial Science 20, 554-566 (2018)

[29] Unexpected Structure of a Helical N 4 -Schiff-Base Zn(II) Complex and Its Demetallation: Experimental and Theoretical Studies
W. Lamine, S. Boughdiri, E. Jeanneau, C. Sanglar, C. Morell, L. Christ, H. Chermette
Chemphyschem, 2938-2946 (2018)

[28] A Dy-4 Cubane: A New Member in the Single-Molecule Toroics Family
G. Fernandez Garcia, D. Guettas, V. Montigaud, P. Larini, R. Sessoli, F. Totti, O. Cador, G. Pilet, B. Le Guennic
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 57, 17089-17093 (2018)

[27] Effect of temperature and ligand protonation on the electronic ground state in Cu(ii) polymers having unusual secondary interactions: a magnetic and catechol oxidase study
S. Saha, N. Biswas, A. Sasmal, C. J. Gomez-Garcia, E. Garribba, A. Bauza, A. Frontera, G. Pilet, G. M. Rosair, S. Mitra, C. Roy Choudhury
Dalton Transactions 47, 16102-16118 (2018)

[26] Towards quantitative analysis of enamel erosion by focused ion beam tomography
N. Cougot, T. Douillard, F. Dalmas, N. Pradelle, R. Gauthier, C. Sanon, B. Grosgogeat, P. Colon, J. Chevalier
Dental Materials 34, E289-E300 (2018)

[25] New model of metalloantibiotic: synthesis, structure and biological activity of a zinc(ii) mononuclear complex carrying two enrofloxacin and sulfadiazine antibiotics
A. Boughougal, F. Zohra Cherchali, A. Messai, N. Attik, D. Decoret, M. Hologne, C. Sanglar, G. Pilet, J. Tommasino, D. Luneau
New Journal Of Chemistry 42, 15346-15352 (2018)

[24] Confinement of Fe-Al-PMOF catalytic sites favours the formation of pyrazoline from ethyl diazoacetate with an unusual sharp increase of selectivity upon recycling
B. Abeykoon, T. Devic, J. Greneche, A. Fateeva, A. B. Sorokin
Chemical Communications 54, 10308-10311 (2018)

[23] Magnetic properties of cellulose-grafted reduced graphite oxide decorated with Ni nanoparticles
A. Dhahri, H. Jaoua-Bahloul, M. Baouab, D. Luneau, E. Beyou
Polymer Engineering And Science 58, 1630-1635 (2018)

[22] The influence of precursor addition order on the porosity of sol-gel bioactive glasses
D. Fernando, P. Colon, M. Cresswell, C. Journet, N. Pradelle-Plasse, P. Jackson, B. Grosgogeat, N. Attik
Dental Materials 34, 1323-1330 (2018)

[21] [Bis(picolinate-kappa N-2:O)Copper(II)] di(benzene1,3,5-tricarboxylic acid): Hydrothermal synthesis, structural characterization, magnetic properties and DFT study
A. Kamath, D. Brahman, G. Pilet, B. Sinha, A. Tamang
Journal Of Molecular Structure 1165, 228-235 (2018)

[20] A hemicryptophane with a triple-stranded helical structure
A. Long, O. Perraud, E. Jeanneau, C. Aronica, J. Dutasta, A. Martinez
Beilstein Journal Of Organic Chemistry 14, 1885-1889 (2018)

[19] A Template-Directed Approach for the Synthesis of a New Mono-Condensed Schiff Base Complex of Copper(II)
S. Thakurta, G. Pilet
Journal Of Structural Chemistry 59, 975-980 (2018)

[18] Synthesis of Ti matrix composites reinforced with TiC particles: in situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction and modeling
J. Andrieux, B. Gardiola, O. Dezellus
Journal Of Materials Science 53, 9533-9544 (2018)

[17] Design of Near-Infrared-Absorbing Unsymmetrical Polymethine Dyes with Large Quadratic Hyperpolarizabilities
S. Pascal, Y. A. Getmanenko, Y. Zhang, I. Davydenko, M. Hoang Ngo, G. Pilet, S. Redon, Y. Bretonniere, O. Maury, I. Ledoux-Rak, S. Barlow, S. R. Marder, C. Andraud
Chemistry Of Materials 30, 3410-3418 (2018)

[16] Devising tissue ingrowth metrics: a contribution to the computational characterization of engineered soft tissue healing
A. Alves, N. Attik, Y. Bayon, E. Royet, C. Wirth, X. Bourges, A. Piat, G. Dolmazon, G. Clermont, J. Boutrand, B. Grosgogeat, K. Gritsch
Biomedical Materials 13 (2018)

[15] Revisiting the Ullman’s Radical Chemistry for Phthalocyanine Derivatives
I. Fidan, D. Luneau, V. Ahsen, C. Hirel
Chemistry-A European Journal 24, 5359-5365 (2018)

[14] Polythermal diagrams of aqueous boundary ternary systems involving sodium borohydride hydrolysis for hydrogen generation
T. Vilarinho-Franco, R. Chiriac, R. Tenu, J. J. Counioux, J. Delmas, P. Capron, C. Goutaudier
Fluid Phase Equilibria 460, 189-197 (2018)

[13] Structural Diversity of Coordination Polymers Based on a Heterotopic Ligand: Cu(II)-Carboxylate vs Cu(I)-Thiolate
O. Veselska, L. Cai, D. Podbevsek, G. Ledoux, N. Guillou, G. Pilet, A. Fateeva, A. Demessence
Inorganic Chemistry 57, 2736-2743 (2018)

[12] Partition of metallic cations between aqueous solutions and mixed crystals of hydrated cobalt and nickel nitrates: Modelling of the influence of temperature and composition
A. Teyssier, J. Counioux, M. Kaddami, C. Goutaudier
Journal Of Chemical Thermodynamics 118, 274-282 (2018)

[11] Unconventional field induced phases in a quantum magnet formed by free radical tetramers
A. Saul, N. Gauthier, R. Moosavi Askari, M. Cote, T. Maris, C. Reber, A. Lannes, D. Luneau, M. Nicklas, J. M. Law, E. Lauren Green, J. Wosnitza, A. Daniele Bianchi, A. Feiguin
Physical Review B 97 (2018)

[10] Cyclotriphosphazene, a scaffold for F-19 MRI contrast agents
E. Onal, C. Zhang, D. Davarci, U. Isci, G. Pilet, A. K. Whittaker, F. Dumoulin
Tetrahedron Letters 59, 521-523 (2018)

[9] Influence of network modifiers in an acetate based sol-gel bioactive glass system
D. Fernando, N. Attik, M. Cresswell, I. Mokbel, N. Pradelle-Plasse, P. Jackson, B. Grosgogeat, P. Colon
Microporous And Mesoporous Materials 257, 99-109 (2018)

[8] Fine Control of the Metal Environment within Dysprosium-Based Mononuclear Single-Molecule Magnets
D. Guettas, V. Montigaud, G. Fernandez Garcia, P. Larini, O. Cador, B. Le Guennic, G. Pilet
European Journal Of Inorganic Chemistry, 333-339 (2018)

[7] Failure mode analysis on thermally aged hydrophobic coatings applied to electro wetting
G. Bonfante, M. Maillard, S. Chevalliot, B. Burger, B. Berge, C. Gablin, D. Leonard, B. Toury
Thin Solid Films 646, 53-60 (2018)

[6] Elucidating the mechanism of the considerable mechanical stiffening of DNA induced by the couple Zn(2+/)Calix[4]arene-1,3-O-diphosphorous acid
Y. Tauran, M. C. Tarhan, L. Mollet, J. Baptiste Gerves, M. Kumemura, L. Jalabert, N. Lafitte, I. Byun, B. Kim, H. Fujita, D. Collard, F. Perret, M. Desbrosses, D. Leonard, C. Goutaudier, A. W. Coleman
Scientific Reports 8 (2018)

[5] Enhanced water repellency of surfaces coated with multiscale carbon structures
J. Marchalot, S. M. M. Ramos, C. Pirat, C. Journet
Applied Surface Science 428, 364-369 (2018)

[4] The solid-state structures of organic salts formed by calix[4]arene dihydroxyphosphonic acid with nucleic bases cations: adeninium, cytosinium, guaninium and uracilium
A. Shkurenko, A. N. Lazar, D. Collard, A. Navaza, B. Kim, Y. Tauran, F. Perret, C. Journet-Gautier, A. W. Coleman, K. Suwinska
Supramolecular Chemistry 30, 545-559 (2018)

[3] The use of FDI criteria in clinical trials on direct dental restorations: A scoping review
T. Marquillier, S. Domejean, J. Le Clerc, F. Chemla, K. Gritsch, J. Maurin, P. Millet, M. Perard, B. Grosgogeat, E. Dursun
Journal Of Dentistry 68, 1-9 (2018)

[2] The (001) 3C SiC surface termination and band structure after common wet chemical etching procedures, stated by XPS, LEED, and HREELS
S. Tengeler, B. Kaiser, G. Ferro, D. Chaussende, W. Jaegermann
Applied Surface Science 427, 480-485 (2018)

[1] Improvements in Resolution of Additive Manufacturing: Advances in Two-Photon Polymerization and Direct-Writing Electrospinning Techniques
L. Bourdon, J. Maurin, K. Gritsch, A. Brioude, V. Salles
Acs Biomaterials Science & Engineering 4, 3927-3938 (2018)


[59] Investigation of the localization phenomenon in quaternary BInGaAs/GaAs for optoelectronic applications
T. Hidouri, R. Hamila, I. Fraj, F. Saidi, H. Maaref, P. Rodriguez, L. Auvray
Superlattices And Microstructures 103, 386-394 (2017)

[58] Direct measurement of the mechanism by which magnesium specifically modifies the mechanical properties of DNA
I. Montasser, A. Coleman, Y. Tauran, G. Perret, L. Jalabert, D. Collard, B. Kim, M. Tarhan
Biomicrofluidics 11, 051102 (2017)

[57] What are the cephalometric features of” good” and” bad” guys in cartoons?
A. Weiss, C. Villat, A. Poitel, S. Gebeile-Chauty
L’orthodontie Francaise 88, 263-274 (2017)

[56] Effect of a hyperbaric environment (diving conditions) on adhesive restorations: an in vitro study
C. Mocquot, A. Cabrera, P. Colon, J. Bosco, B. Grosgogeat, N. Pradelle-Plasse
British Dental Journal 223, 347 (2017)

[55] Magnetic Material Based on Mixed-Valent Dinuclear Pivalate and Cyanidometalate
M. Mikuriya, D. Yoshioka, R. Mitsuhashi, D. Luneau, D. Matoga, J. Szklarzewicz, M. Handa
Acta Physica Polonica A 131, 120-123 (2017)

[54] Access to cyclic gem-difluoroacyl scaffolds via electrochemical and visible light photocatalytic radical tandem cyclization of heteroaryl chlorodifluoromethyl ketones
C. Adouama, R. Keyrouz, G. Pilet, C. Monnereau, D. Gueyrard, T. Noël, M. Médebielle
Chemical Communications 53, 5653-5656 (2017)

[53] Photonic hyperuniform networks obtained by silicon double inversion of polymer templates
N. Muller, J. Haberko, C. Marichy, F. Scheffold
Optica 4, 361 (2017)

[52] Lithium Hydrazinidoborane Ammoniate LiN2H3BH3$times$0.25NH3, a Derivative of Hydrazine Borane
S. Ould-Amara, D. Granier, R. Chiriac, F. Toche, P. G. Yot, U. B. Demirci
Materials (2017)

[51] Bioactive glass for dentin remineralization: A systematic review
D. Fernando, N. Attik, N. Pradelle-Plasse, P. Jackson, B. Grosgogeat, P. Colon
Materials Science And Engineering: C 76, 1369 - 1377 (2017)

[50] Growth of aluminum nitride on flat and patterned Si (111) by high temperature halide CVD
G. Ferro, M. Chubarov, F. Mercier, S. Lay, F. Charlot, A. Crisci, S. Coindeau, T. Encinas, R. Reboud, R. Boichot
Thin Solid Films 623, 65 - 71 (2017)

[49] Bilayer composites consisting of gold nanorods and titanium dioxide as highly sensitive and self-cleaning SERS substrates
Y. Bu, K. Liu, Y. Hu, Y. V. Yu, A. Brioude, X. Jiang, H. Wang, A. Yu
Microchimica Acta 184, 2805 - 2813 (2017)

[48] Further optimization of VLS localized epitaxy for deeper 4H-SiC p-n junctions
G. Ferro, S. Sejil, M. Lazar, D. Carole, C. Brylinski, D. Planson, C. Raynaud
Physica Status Solidi (A) 214 (2017)

[47] Chitosan coating as an antibacterial surface for biomedical applications
M. Dalmeida, N. Attik, J. Amalric, C. Brunon, F. Renaud, H. Abouelleil, B. Toury, B. Grosgogeat
Plos One 12 (2017)

[46] Host-guest complexes of local anesthetics with cucurbit[6]uril and para-sulphonatocalix[8]arene in the solid state
O. Danylyuk, H. Butkiewicz, A. W. Coleman, K. Suwinska
Journal Of Molecular Structure 1150, 28-36 (2017)

[45] Synthetic Access to a Pure Polyradical Architecture: Nucleophilic Insertion of Nitronyl Nitroxide on a Cyclotriphosphazene Scaffold
I. Fidan, E. Onal, Y. Yerli, D. Luneau, V. Ahsen, C. Hirel
Chempluschem 82, 1384-1389 (2017)

[44] Characterization of materials and their interfaces in a direct bonded copper substrate for power electronics applications
A. Ben Kabaar, C. Buttay, O. Dezellus, R. Estevez, A. Gravouil, L. Gremillard
Microelectronics Reliability 79, 288-296 (2017)

[43] Promising properties of ALD boron nitride nanotube mats for water purification
W. Hao, C. Marichy, A. Brioude
Environmental Science-Nano 4, 2311-2320 (2017)

[42] Effectiveness of the DHMAI monomer in the development of an antibacterial dental composite
F. Zohra Cherchali, M. Mouzali, J. Bernard Tommasino, D. Decoret, N. Attik, H. Aboulleil, D. Seux, B. Grosgogeat
Dental Materials 33, 1381-1391 (2017)

[41] Epoxy composites with ceramic core-shell fillers for thermal management in electrical devices
A. Rybak, K. Gaska, C. Kapusta, F. Toche, V. Salles
Polymers For Advanced Technologies 28, 1676-1682 (2017)

[40] Polarization mechanisms of dielectric materials at a binary liquid interface: impacts on electrowetting actuation
G. Bonfante, T. Roux-Marchand, M. -C. Audry-Deschamps, L. Renaud, P. Kleimann, A. Brioude, M. Maillard
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19, 30139-30146 (2017)

[39] Intrinsic triple-emitting 2D copper thiolate coordination polymer as a ratiometric thermometer working over 400 K range
O. Veselska, D. Podbevsek, G. Ledoux, A. Fateeva, A. Demessence
Chemical Communications 53, 12225-12228 (2017)

[38] An intrinsic dual-emitting gold thiolate coordination polymer, Au( plus I)(p-SPhCO2H), for ratiometric temperature sensing
O. Veselska, L. Okhrimenko, N. Guillou, D. Podbevsek, G. Ledoux, C. Dujardin, M. Monge, D. M. Chevrier, R. Yang, P. Zhang, A. Fateeva, A. Demessence
Journal Of Materials Chemistry C 5, 9843-9848 (2017)

[37] Electrochemical Observation of the Plasmonic Effect in Photochromic Ag Nanoparticle Filled Mesoporous TiO2 Films
N. Couzon, M. Maillard, L. Bois, F. Chassagneux, A. Brioude
Journal Of Physical Chemistry C 121, 22147-22155 (2017)

[36] Twisting induces ferromagnetism in homometallic clusters
G. Novitchi, S. Vela, G. Pilet, C. Train, V. Robert
Dalton Transactions 46, 11154-11158 (2017)

[35] Mapping the Magnetic Anisotropy inside a Ni-4 Cubane Spin Cluster Using Polarized Neutron Diffraction
O. Iasco, Y. Chumakov, F. Guegan, B. Gillon, M. Lenertz, A. Bataille, J. Jacquot, D. Luneau
Magnetochemistry 3 (2017)

[34] A Novel Two-Step Ammonia-Free Atomic Layer Deposition Approach for Boron Nitride
W. Hao, C. Marichy, C. Journet, A. Brioude
Chemnanomat 3, 656-663 (2017)

[33] Magneto-chiral dichroism of CsCuCl3
N. Nakagawa, N. Abe, S. Toyoda, S. Kimura, J. Zaccaro, I. Gautier-Luneau, D. Luneau, Y. Kousaka, A. Sera, M. Sera, K. Inoue, J. Akimitsu, Y. Tokunaga, T. Arima
Physical Review B 96 (2017)

[32] Adaptability of the metal(III,IV) 1,2,3-trioxobenzene rod secondary building unit for the production of chemically stable and catalytically active MOFs
G. Mouchaham, B. Abeykoon, M. Gimenez-Marquez, S. Navalon, A. Santiago-Portillo, M. Affram, N. Guillou, C. Martineau, H. Garcia, A. Fateeva, T. Devic
Chemical Communications 53, 7661-7664 (2017)

[31] Structural effects in octahedral carbonyl complexes: an atoms-in-molecules study
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Actuellement, le LMI détient 34 brevets (ou demandes de brevet) répartis en 11 familles :


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